August 09, 2006

Human Resources Administrator

Some tips for applicants:

When applying for a position, get someone else to double check your application. It's amazing how many people fail to sign and date their forms.

If you're asked to provide a structured CV, see if you can find out how many marks are given for each section. They may surprise you - you could pick up 2 extra points by having a PhD, or by having technical articles published in a peer-reviewed journal, or by having extensive involvement and leadership roles in activities outside of work. Yes, it can be that easy to pick up the same number of points.

Never ever leave the Extra Interests section blank. And you can always do better than a simple list of "swimming, reading, playing football" on your resume. How long have you done this? Are you involved with any sports teams? Do you coach them or help out in other ways? Do you fund raise for charities and, if so, how much did you make? Are you on any committees or community organizations? Are you studying any extra courses? If the HR department has to look through thousands of CVs, you can use the Extra Activities section to stand out. You're trying to show that you are a well-rounded person with passions outside the job.

-- Freesia

Posted by Matthew at August 9, 2006 10:59 AM