March 30, 2007

Hotel Manager

An anonymous hotel manager offers this tip to prospective guests:

Always ask for a business discount. You may not have a business, but you work for one--and even if you don't, how would I know? The worst that will happen is someone will say no.

Most motel and hotels have corporate discounts. Nobody tries very hard to find out how legitimate people's business claims are, and most of us secretly don't care.

In fact, when buying any product or service, try asking for a discount. You've got nothing to lose, and you'll be surprised by how often it works.

Posted by Matthew at 7:57 AM

March 29, 2007


Many people think chefs slice green onions diagonally because it makes them look more attractive. Not so. They do so because diagonally sliced green onions won't roll off the cutting board and onto the floor.

Posted by Matthew at 10:09 AM

March 28, 2007


If you are at the airport and need to do anything other than check-in (rebooking a canceled flight, for instance) it is almost always quicker to call the airline on your cell phone than to wait in line for a desk agent. You'll likely get better service, too.

Posted by Matthew at 8:42 AM

March 27, 2007


If you have to interview a grieving family after a death, a good question to ask is: "Did he have a good sense of humor?"

This will almost always shake the family out of their grief, making it easier for them to talk to you, and bring up an anecdote that really shows the character of the dead person.

Posted by Matthew at 8:33 AM

March 26, 2007

Call Center Operator

If you are taking a call and the caller is rambling and constantly changing the subject, put them on hold for a minute or so. When you come back they will be much more likely to stay focused and give you the info you need without extra conversation. The overall call length will probably be shorter than it would have been otherwise, even accounting for the hold time.

-- Brian Josefowicz

Posted by Matthew at 7:02 PM

March 25, 2007


Don't use kitty litter to get grease and gasoline stains off of cement--you will never get it all. Instead, use powdered dishwasher detergent. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then scrub back and forth with a stiff broom before sweeping it away. It will break down the grease and soak it up at the same time.

Posted by Matthew at 7:03 PM